Entry #2

First update in 3 years haha

2010-10-02 00:25:19 by Realmguys

Well it has been a few years since the last post. Fantastic Realm is in a frozen status it would seem. Nick lives in a few states away from us now, persuing his professional and family dreams. I am about to have a baby boy, and a bit tied up with my corporate career. I am still in Denver at this time as well.

Plans for some new music are headed this way however. This Dec or Jan, I am going to have a new music workstation to add to my recording setup. I have many songs on the backburner waiting for this new addition to my home studio. In the meantime, I will continue to try to get Nick working on the Artwork for Fantastic Realm again!

Sorry to the Fan(s) we may still have, this halt on our creative projects has been painful for us as well.



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2010-10-02 00:47:36

The dead has returned to life, KILL THE ZOMBIE! DX